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Leo Kouwenhoven

World-renowned pioneer in quantum computing. Recipient of the Spinoza Prize, the highest Dutch academic award.


About Leo Kouwenhoven

Leo Kouwenhoven works with his group on the development of the quantum computer. He is also the scientific director of the QuTech-institute, where scientists and the Dutch high tech industry work together at the development of this computer. He was awarded the Spinozapremie in 2007 and is seen as a global leader in the field of electronic properties of nano-structures. He is also responsible for a number of major breakthroughs in his field. As a pioneer, he has left his mark on research into so-called quantum dots.

Speaking at the conference

October 11, 5:10 PM - 5:30 PM

Can we make quantum technology work?

"Quantum science is ready for engineering,” says Leo Kouwenhoven. In this illuminating talk, Leo explains quantum entanglement -- the property that shows how particles can affect each other, even if they're on opposite ends of the universe -- and demonstrates how we will manipulate it to revolutionize the way our computers work.

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