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Born and bred in Amsterdam

DPW Amsterdam is an annual hybrid technology event held in Amsterdam, and is largely considered the world’s biggest and most influential tech event in procurement and supply chain.

Blending entrepreneurship and industries

DPW was created in 2019 in Amsterdam and that is no coincidence. Amsterdam is defined by innovation and entrepreneurship, and has become a rising industry hub in Europe. Much like this industry hub for emerging tech and innovation, DPW is a crossroads, bringing together multiple disciplines that turn fresh new ideas into exciting opportunities for organizations big and small. 

How it all started

In 2019, DPW founder Matthias Gutzmann was researching procurement conferences to showcase his then-employer, a startup, and found himself frustrated by the lack of suitable options. The existing conferences were prohibitively expensive for a limited startup budget, lacked investors, and failed to attract an audience of startup businesses, which is critical for procurement and supply chain to transform digitally and drive innovation.

“Having Identified this gap in the market, he left his job in New York, moved into his parents’ house in Germany, and invested his entire personal savings in launching DPW.

In September 2019, DPW’s launch conference boasted a record-breaking attendance of over 400 industry leaders from 33 countries and was dubbed “the best new procurement event in years”. And we’re proud to say that since then, we continue only to grow.

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