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Networking at DPW Amsterdam 2023

It all starts with a topic. Braindates are one-on-one or small group conversations which allow you to share knowledge and connect deeper through intentional conversations, on topics created by you.
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Top reasons to Braindate

To take advantage of the collective knowledge of like-minded peers.

Connect with others based on shared interests and experiences in order to help you meet your goals.

Engage in meaningful conversations about issues that are on your mind and in your heart.

You never know, a good conversation can be the start of a long lasting relationship!

How to Braindate

Explore the topic market
Explore the topic market where any participant can post subjects they are interested in sharing as soon as the Braindate platform launches in September.
Pick something you want to learn
Pick something you want to learn from the options shared by others or create your own Braindate topic.
Schedule your Braindate
Schedule your 1:1 or small group Braindates at DPW Amsterdam 2023, outside the keynote and breakout sessions
Check-in at the Braindate lounge onsite at your designated time and Braindate!

Featured Braindate ambassadors
at DPW Amsterdam 2023

Braindate ambassadors are influencers and champions within the DPW community who
create topics to discuss during Braindate hours at the conference.
Choosing the right digital governance model to accelerate digital transformation
Matthias Gutzmann, Founder, DPW
Integrating best of best-of-breed tools and
data into legacy products and processes
Kathryn Thompson, Partner, Deloitte UK
Developing supplier diversity strategies
Anthony Adeleye, VP Procurement Business Process & Technology, Johnson & Johnson
Architecting your digital infrastructure
Patrick Foelck, Head of Strategy & Transformation and Head of Insights & Enablement Procurement, Roche

Frequently asked questions

How do Braindates work for DPW Amsterdam 2023?

Braindates are designated into two group sizes: 1:1’s, and 1:4s small groups. No matter the size of the group, each Braindate is designed for you to share knowledge and network with fellow leaders during DPW Amsterdam. The goal is to help each other learn something new, find mentorships, create partnerships and exchange strategies.

There are two ways to participate in Braindates: First, you can join an existing Braindate on a topic that catches your attention. Or, you can create your own Braindate topic and allow other attendees to sign up and learn from you.There are limitations on how many Braindates you can create and book, so be strategic with your topic. Keep it non-commercial, non-salesy and more towards thought leadership.

You should plan on booking your Braindates before you arrive in Amsterdam.To get started, login to Braindate with the email you bought your ticket with and create a password. You’ll then notice the topic marketplace where you can post what you want to share or learn. We’ve already added a few Braindates to the platform that you can join!

We’ll have a Braindate networking lounge at the Beurs van Berlage, where you’ll meet your fellow attendees for your Braindate at your designated time.

Do I have to be an expert to post a Braindate topic?

No! Everyone has valuable knowledge and experiences to share – and we guarantee that someone will be excited to learn from you. Don’t hold back!

Tips for networking with Braindates

There are dedicated slots to Braindate during the conference each day. Try to fill this time with 1-2 Braindates per day as there’s minimal concurrent content during this time. 

Keep in mind we do have a strict, no pitch policy on Braindates and will flag any topic violations to be taken down.

There are limitations on how many Braindates you can create and book – be mindful that these are meant to be meetings and micro-sessions, so no pitches please.  

Note that other attendees may not always join your Braindate. Your topic has to be good! Timely, thought-leadership topics often perform the best. If you 1:1 or Group Braindates start to reach capacity, we’ll work with you then to try to increase your allotment.

Pre-booking meetings on Braindates is key. Start your networking now so that you can plan around the content and sponsors you want to meet on-site.

Where is the Braindate lounge?

The Braindate lounge is located in exhibtion hall 2.

Become a Braindate ambassador

Braindate ambassadors are influencers and champions within the DPW community who create topics to discuss during Braindate hours at the conference.