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Deborah Nas

Technology adoption and resistance expert. Author of “Design Things That Make Sense”

Deborah-Nas_Professor-of-Strategic-Design-for-Technology-based innovation_TU-Delft

About Deborah Nas

Deborah Nas is an expert in technology-based innovation. She works with tech startups, helps corporates to future-proof their business, holds several board positions, and is a professor at TU Delft. Her knowledge and ability to bridge academia and practice make her a thought leader in innovation.

Speaking at the conference

October 12, 11:30 AM - 11:50 AM

Making corporate innovation work

New technologies change how businesses operate. Unfortunately, most large organizations struggle to embrace them. Through insightful anecdotes and real-life examples, Deborah will explain which innovation strategies large organisations can follow to future-proof their business.

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