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Adam Brown

Digital procurement aficionado. Former executive behind BT’s procurement garage. Recognised by Kearney as delivering the #1 “Most Impressive Procurement Advance of 2020”.


About Adam Brown

Adam Brown is the tech lead for the procurement platform at Maersk, working on cutting-edge solutions using artificial intelligence, data science and game theory in sourcing, ESG, execution, & P2P. Brown has been driving procurement digitalisation since Gangnam Style came out (coincidence, not causation!).

Speaking at the conference

October 11, 4:00 PM - 4:30 PM

How to set up your digital program for success

Whether you’re looking for insight into how to choose the right digital governance model, or simply want tips on how to get started with digital transformation, this is the place to get this and more answered, by three accomplished digital experts.

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